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MDM(Mobile Device Management)-based technology

The concept of MDM is to use OTA (Over the Air) as a system to manage mobile devices in remote at any time if mobile devices are in Power On condition.
► Device Management – Manage collection/distribution of information about mobile device (identify with mobile device ID (IMEI specifications))
► Enrollment Management – Function for stopping the usage of mobile devices if lost or stolen
    (MDM from other companies makes it feasible to take actions including deleting the files saved in the cell phone after accepting the report of the loss.
    Therefore, it is possible to have information saved in cell phone disclosed to outside. However, Lipex technology makes it feasible to encrypt files saved in the cell phone from the beginning. Therefore, it is completely impossible to steal information from the cell phone)
► Distribute software through device managing server
► Manage collection/distribution of information on mobile device (identify with mobile device ID (IMEI specifications)
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Voip-Lipex communication technology in the concept of VPN

Lipex communication is a smart communication in the use of VPN (Virtual Private Network) such as Skype or Viber.
► System for providing smart phone voice communication in the use of VolP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
► WiFi communication does not go through the communication company server (3G or 4G goes through communication company server – go through with encrypted data)
► Communication makes it feasible for members joined in the system (VPN – Virtual Private Network) at any place in the world to make a phone call. WiFi communication is free (application is downloaded by using URL)
► 3G or 4G communication is deducted from the data charge (2.28 minutes are available in 1Mb)
► Completely impossible to hack the communication (all the encryption/decoding proceed as the server and smart phone are connected with each other)
► The best quality of communication in the world (encrypted voice, text message, saving, and transmitting files)

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