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Video Image Security

Most of the video image security cameras are in the end-to-end security method, and video streaming is secured from camera to the saving parts.
Most of the CC/IP camera systems are not safe against or weak in defense against when hackers access to the video stream for illegal purposes or control the camera. Therefore, they have been a deteriorate threat on the security of property or private life of people exposed to the camera. Video Image Security 1. Encryption of end-to-end video contents for the first time in the world
   Video frames are secured on a real time basis from camera to saving parts. Contents security is not to be restored even if video data are hacked.
2. Device and access certification
  It is available to confirm whether only certified people manipulate the device, or the system operates well in the certified devices by establishing certification process on the request of access to each device.
3. Strong security
  Patented security technology provides secured process with less than 0.7s with HD quality between camera and monitoring.
4. Encrypted devices to be added
  Encrypted device can be added with encryption functions on the existing CC/IP camera systems.

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