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USB Security

Available to encrypt any types of formats
► Available to encrypt all the video images including Ai, M-jpeg, and H.264
► Encrypt all the frames instead of forge of head packets
► Available to use in any OSs including Windows, Linux, and Unix
► Technology for encryption of Full HD video images

The best security functions in the world
► Not available to copy the encrypted video images or players from Security USB
► Available to play only in Security USB
► Impossible to modify or edit video image
► Loss of player functions according to the frequency of video image play or period setup
► Operate regardless of networks
USB 보안 Laws related to video image information
Classification Contents
Privacy Protection Act Privacy Protection Act
Safe management of private information in chapter 4 and processor of private information in the Article 29 (obligations of safe process) need to take technical, managerial and physical actions needed for the acquisition of safety determined by the order of the President including the establishment of internal managerial plans and preservation of log-in records not to have private information lost, stolen, disclosed, falsified, or damaged.
Enforcement Decree of Privacy Protection Act Article 25 (Instructions for operation and management of video image information processor) ① Video image processing machine operator needs to prepare for the instructions of operation and management of video image information processor that contains the following items according to the Article 25, paragraph 7.
7. Technical, managerial, and physical actions needed to protect video image information
Rules of protection of standard private information 3. Apply technology for safely saving and sending private video image information
(Actions for encryption for safe transmission in case of network camera, setup of password when saving private video image information files)

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