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Document Security

Document security technology is a solution on the management of secured company resources.
Many of the organizations integrate digital and hard copies of process on all the documents. However, they do not have any solution on the disclosure of data information and hacking that occur while documents are being printed or read. Document security technology created as a solution in such cases is to divide them in a tiny block that is invisible in naked eyes while saving or printing files mixing or printing them in the end. It is completely impossible to restore files by the hacking and is only available for those certified with applications.
In order to secure the document, it is required to image the binary code of files and divide them into a preferred size and mix them in the end. 문서보안 1. Save or print documents with secured digital files.
2. Only certified people have an access to secured files.
  (reference: DRM is managed by VPN server)
3. Saved or printed documents are secured end-to-end.
4. Documents temporarily saved in the RAM of printer or scanner are automatically secured.

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