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Prevention of Forge and Falsification (ID)

Technology for issuing and certifying proofs is to adopt LIPEX code making it feasible to easily and rapidly issue and certify graduation certificate, voucher, bank check, and certificates.
It is possible to use various readers as a certifying technology. However, characteristics of this technology are to use the bandwidth range of various communications and to use smart phone applications at any where to confirm certification or truth/falsehood. 신분증 & 인증서 위변조방지 Technology for preventing the forge and falsification of license text and photo by using Lipex code and Lipex image code
► Confirm whether ID proofs have been forged or falsified by using communication network
► Technology for confirmation in the use of smart phone application – No need of separate reader
► Establish BD for confirmation – Prevent excessive confirmation of ID
► Available in Korea and also all other countries
QR Code Lipex Code
Maximum information size

Text – 4,296 characters
Number – 7,089 numbers
Chinese – 1,817 characters
Maximum information size

Document – Available per page
Image – Available per size
File – Unlimited
Error verifying function

Damage recognizing rate: 30% or higher
Apply error correction rate
Error verifying function

Damage recognizing rate: 70% or higher
Apply error correction rate
Security weakness

Occurrence of Qshing (QR code + phishing)
Open code that any one can easily make
Available to forge or falsify URL in QR contents
Risk of deriving the access with malicious link
Security weakness

Outstanding encryption and compression technology with Lipex
New technology encryption not disclosed to normal hackers

Lipex Code - Code text information with LIPEX code.
Lipex Image Code - Code image coding with LIPEX image code

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