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Fin-Tech (Safe Settlement) Security

Smart phone settlement solution makes it feasible to make a payment through Lipex code. Customers need to enter pin, designate the amount to be paid on the smart phone, and make a payment to merchants by scanning Lipex code. Location-based Lipex code certifies uniqueness of the codes distributed to merchants preventing forge or illegal distribution of codes and relieving the concern on copied credit card at the same time.

신분증 & 인증서 위변조방지 신분증 & 인증서 위변조방지

1. Location-based 2D barcode - Unique code and location code are entered in each store.
2. Malicious code distribution preventing codeis only read when scanning in the registered area, and certification and settlement are impossible in areas other than registered areas.
3. Based on easily and efficiently used software, application is installed printing or displaying the code.
4. Convenience of users and protection of private life - Users are required to download the scan software, and payment procedures are to download the scan software only on the smart phone, scan the code, and enter password. Since customers do not use credit card, there is no risk for having copied credit cards or private information disclosed.

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